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Our Milestones

Our Milestones

June 1988

Opening of a consulting firm in Linz by Bernhard Ditachmair. The positioning focused on integrated accounting, tax computation for KMU and extraordinary projects. A Novell- Network is used in a consulting firm for the first time in Upper Austria. Three aspirants are employed as team leaders.

June 1994

After the sudden death of Reinhold Ditachmair, team leader and brother of the company founder the cooperation in related business areas is written in capital letters. The tax consultancy is intensified and a juristic staff member is added.

October 1997

Audits are conducted for the first time (emphases are NPO, foundation and family companies). Management consultancy is leaded as an own business unit with the emphasis on Mergers&Acquisitions, cooperation platform and systemic consulting.

September 2002

Brand and logo >>|Ditachmair & Partner are introduced and the network is qualitatively improved. Tax consulting|Audit|Management consulting are defined as emphasis. Besides the Finance- sector (accounting, tax consulting, audit, Mergers&Acquisitions and Controlling) strategic consulting (Corporate Mission, Change management) and Human Relationship are formulated as business areas. An occupation for personnel development and coaching was created for the first time.

September 2008

An expert pool of 30 permanent members to the following topics is disposable: Eastern Europe, financial planning, Human Resource Management, procedural right – audit – remedy, organizational development, and NPO-consulting. The consulting firm is situated in the regions of Vienna X Linz as core market.

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