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Unternehmen ausrichten - Das Berater/Innenteam

Unternehmen ausrichten - Das Berater/Innenteam

Peter Mack

  1. 15 years of management in the IT sector
  2. NLP Master-Practitioner-training with G. Kutschera
  3. training: systemic consultant with "Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg"
  4. coaching training at the coaching institute for executives
  5. freelance consultant and trainer since 2000
  6. core competences:
    change management
  7. culture management
    development of executives
    vision-mission-strategy, target systems

What keeps us in motion, keeps us alive!

Dr. Christian Barbitsch

  1. 6 years of organization and IT development in food trade
  2. 3 years assistant at the WU Wien
  3. 4 years corporate consultant at IBM and Roland Berger
  4. 5 years head of organization development in a regional bank
  5. freelance organization developer since 2005 
  6. NLP Practitioner training at ÖTZ-NLP
  7. management training at SWK, Bad Homburg 
  8. core competences:
    process management - optimise and direct business processes 
    developing and directing distribution
    trainings on process management, presentation and change management
    corporate and human resource development tools
productivity and humanity

Josef Seiwald

  1. leading position in adult education
  2. training: systemic consulting / therapy, team and organization development
  3. working in operative training with focus on leadership, team development, conflict management, dynamics in decision taking processes in organizations, organizational culture, work in networks and knowledge management since 1993
  4. support in team and organization development processes
  5. coaching of executives

Ing. Kurt Essler

  1. 11 years of IT organization in the Philips-GPn
  2. 28 years of IT management at GiroCredit and Erste Bank Gruppe
  3. training: team management as instrument for performing excellence
  4. comprehensive experience in the meaning of...
    - IT strategy
    - change management
    - corporate culture
    - vision-mission-strategy
    - development of executives
    ... as important factor of success for changes in organizations.
Constant dripping wears away the stone!

Mag.a Ulrike Würzburger

  1. trainer/consultant with focus on applications since 1998
  2. technical management of B.A.M. (consulting service for people seeking work) since 2005
  3. avocational visiting lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Linz since 2008 (topics: conduct of negotiations and creativity methods)
  4. training: systemic coaching at the MOC Mödling
  5. training: humour mentoring at PGA inz
  1. core competences:
  2. mentoring in career issues focussed on competences and value orientation;
    conduct of negotiations with focus on the "Harvard Modell"

Humour is like a refreshing short break from the seriousness of existence. Peter L. Berger

Bernhard Ditachmair MBA

  1. chartered accountant 
  2. Alexander-movement practitioner
  3. "MBA-Program for Executives" at the LIMAK, Linz and the Rotman Business School, Toronto
  4. regional spokesman of the expertsgroup "management of solvency and controlling"
  1. core competences:
    1. raising financial performance
    2. management of innovations and knowledge
    3. mergers & acquisitions

Mag. Johannes Hofer

  1. academic studies in economics, business administration and real estate business in Linz, Dublin, Kopenhagen and Krems
  2. training: corporate consultant and real estate trustee
  3. 12 years of management experience in forestry and real estate business, construction industry, market research, corporate consulting
  4. freelnace consultant, trainer, business mentor and investor since 2004
  1. core competences:
  2. change, cash and mind management
    tactics: management between strategy and daily routine
    corporate financing: private equity, financial communication, stock exchange
    task management: temporary management

Never give in!

Regina Schmied

  1. 14 years of professional experience at IBM
  2. consulting training in the U.S.
  3. project managment
  4. process management
  5. quality management
  6. NLP Master-Practitioner training with W. Hemel/Team Training Austria
  7. training: conferences of large groups OS/RTSC/future conferences
  8. freelance consultant and trainer since 1998
The head is round to allow the thoughts a turnaround.

Mag. Gerald Wahl

  1. 4 years at advertising agencies in Austria and abroad
  2. 1995 set up of Atelier & Friends, Design & Kommunikation in Vienna
  3. owner and CEO of FriendsConnexion, agency for corporate identity, since 2000
  4. trainer of creativity
  5. idea manager and coach for innovation
  6. academic studies of visual media design at the University of Arts in Linz and Augsburg
  7. training: systemic coaching, Retzer/Fischer in Heidelberg
  8. reteaming®-coach, Geisbauer/Furman
  9. systemic structural constellations SySt®, Sparrer/Varga von Kibèd
  10. IdeaManagement, Langwost
If you can dream it, you can do it

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